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40 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 40

Your baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy

It’s the fortieth week of your pregnancy! Can you believe you made it this far? We can and we know you’re going to be an amazing mum. A baby born this week will probably weigh about 7 lbs./3.5 kg and be approximately 20 in./50 cm long, but your baby is unique so don’t expect him or her to spot on. Anywhere between 6 and 9 lbs. and 19 and 22 in. is perfectly normal.

As it is your final week of pregnancy it’s a good idea to always be on standby and prepared for that first contraction, but remember if your due date passes it’s ok because only 5% of mothers actually deliver on their due date.

In this final week of your pregnancy your body will continue to provide your baby with antibodies so that he or she is strong and healthy at birth. And after birth your breast milk will continue to provide these antibodies to your baby when he breastfeeds.

Some mums may see the fortieth week of pregnancy come and go. If you’re one of them, relax, put your feet up and be patient. There is no need to worry just yet.

What’s happening to your body this week?

Have you reached week 41 or 42?

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