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7 weeks pregnant: your baby

week 7

Your baby at 7 weeks of pregnancy

By the end of the seventh week of pregnancy your baby will be a ½ inch long from head to tail (crown to rump) and is about the size of a cranberry. Don’t they grow up fast? This week your baby is experiencing a lot of changes so it’s no surprise she has gotten so big.

These changes include:

  • an increased heart rate
  • longer limbs with joints and identifiable parts, though they do look a bit like flippers
  • the formation of many digestive organs, including the intestines and pancreas
  • and her little ears are starting to grow

But the most important development this week is in your baby’s brain where nerve cells are growing at an exponential rate every minute. Your baby’s central nervous system is well on its way to being fully formed!

Did you know…at birth your baby will have more than 10 million interconnected nerve cells! It’s incredible how much can fit into such a small package?

What’s happening to your body this week?

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