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Alleviating Braxton Hicks

Braxton Hicks can be a right pain in the you know where! So we thought we would give you a few helpful tips to help you alleviate the discomfort they cause, especially near the end of your pregnancy.

  • Drink water, Braxton Hicks are sometimes the result of dehydration

    woman drinking water

    Drinking water eases Braxton Hicks
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  • Take some deep, slow breaths or practice some of those nifty breathing rhythms you’ve been learning about in birthing classes
  • Lay down on your side, many mums say the left side tends to be the most soothing
  • Go to the bathroom, Braxton Hicks are sometimes caused by having a full bladder.
  • Take a warm bath, which also helps you relax during early labour before you are dilated enough to be considered in established labour.
  • Do something different. If you’re standing up, sit down, if you’re laying down, get up and walk about for a bit.
  • Exercise, many mums say this helps a lot.

If those haven’t worked, it may be worth checking if you’re in real labour.

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