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Avoiding incontinence

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During trimester 3 you may not always be able to make it here in time.

Incontinence can be a bit embarrassing, though it is a completely normal pregnancy symptom. Here are a few steps you can take to limit incontinence and the embarrassment that accompanies it.

  • Do your daily kegels. You should do these every day from as early as possible in your pregnancy. Just lay on the floor and squeeze your muscles several times as if you are about to pee. This will strengthen your muscles which will help you avoid incontinence.

  • Before our exercise go to the bathroom. A lot of exercise activities involve you doing things that often encourage incontinence, jumping jacks come to mind. Exercise is important for your pregnancy health and if you do it with an empty bladder it will be more comfortable and more enjoyable in your third trimester.

  • Wear panty liners or mini-pads. This way if you accidentally pee during the day it will all be absorbed, which means less embarrassment and more comfort, it’s the least you deserve.

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