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Baby names: sources of inspiration

Picking the perfect name for your baby is no easy task, so below we have provided you with a few places you can look to for inspirationwhen it comes to naming your baby. Hope they help!

Grandfather and baby

Dad would be touched if we named our baby after him
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1. Your family heritage. Is there a family name you want to keep alive? Naming your baby after a parent, grandparent or using your maiden name as a first name are all possibilities, whether it is your baby’s first or middle name. Just don’t let your family pressure you into a name you don’t like.

2. Create your own name. Creating an original name using a combination of names you and your partner like has become increasingly popular over the last few years. However, be careful that the name isn’t too far out there as it may make your child a target for teasing.

3. Your favourite stories, novels, movies and T.V. series. Is there a certain character that has impacted you or has a name you really like? Just a word of warning, if your favourite name is from a popular programme or book chances are someone else is thinking along the same lines as you. So don’t be surprised if 5 or 10 years from now the names Bella and Isabella are as common as Jane and Sarah.

4. Religion and the Classics.Is there a name from a religious text or the Greek and Roman Classics which you absolutely love? Religion and the Classics are great places to look for names with deep meanings and an original twist, as many are not as common as they once were 2000 years ago. There are exceptions though, for example Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have never gone out of fashion.

Football and German flag

Is there a German footballer with a name you like?
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5. The world of sports. Is there an Olympic athlete or football star you really admire? Looking to the world of sports is a great place to find a strong baby name and you already know it will look great across a jersey!

6. The media and pop culture. Whether it’s an author, newscaster or celebrity, you’ve probably heard a name in the media or read one in a magazine you really liked. Keep note of all of these names, you never know it may be the perfect name for your baby when he or she arrives.

7. Traditional names. You can either go for a name that is 100% traditional, such as John or Amy, or you can take it and give it a special twist. For example, the equivalent of John in Spanish is Juan and Amy can be spelled Aimee. It’s really up to you.

8. Foreign languages. You never know you may find the perfect name for your baby in a different language. There are endless options in French, Spanish, Russian, Italian…really we could go on forever.

9. Your other children. If you’ve already got children, see what goes with their names. Most people will be asking you “How are Kate and Justin?” not “How is Kate? How is Justin?” Check if there is a name that couples well with you other children’s names. You might just discover a name you had never considered before.

Questions to ask before deciding on your baby’s name

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