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General breastfeeding tips

Breastfeeding can be challenging for new mums, if you are finding it difficult, don’t worry and don’t give up! Breast milk offers many advantages for both you and your baby, such as boosting your immune system, giving your baby the perfect balance of nutrients and being easier for your baby to digest.

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Breastfeeding Tips
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What to remember

  • Stay hydrated! If possible try to drink whilst you are breastfeeding as it will help you produce more milk.
  • Carry on with a healthy diet, everything you eat will be feeding your baby too.
  • Try and rest as much as possible, if you can, sleep when your baby is sleeping.
  • Continue taking your vitamin and mineral supplements.

Foods to avoid

  • Spicy foods – If you are scoffing down chilli sauce and other spicy foods, your baby will probably end up getting indigestion.
  • Alcohol is another no no! If you do have an alcoholic beverage you should not breastfeed for a few hours afterwards so that it is out of your system and your baby won’t end up drinking it too.
  • Don’t smoke as it will reduce your milk supply.
  • If you need to take medication, ensure you have spoken to your doctor about it and know that it is safe for your baby too.

It is important that you know what to remember and to avoid when breastfeeding. You need to remember that whatever you eat or drink will affect your baby, just because you have given birth doesn’t mean you can stop monitoring what you eat. Continue with your healthy lifestyle as it will benefit both you and your baby!

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