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Bug invested bouquet


DIY Halloween Decorations

Bug invested bouquet as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board

What you need:

  • Artifical flowers
  • Plastic bugs and creepy critters (most theme stories carry these at affordable prices throughout October)
  • An old vase
  • Black paint and paint brushes
  • Glue (a glue gun is best)


1. Paint an old vase black or if you prefer you can choose a different colour and add embellishments.

2. Place artifical flowers of your choice in the vase. Use string to hold them together if necessary. We suggest choosing lighter coloured flowers so your creatures show up more clearly.

3. Using your glue gun stick on the creepies creatures and critters you can find. Have fun with this part and remember it’s Halloween you can’t overdo it!

That’s it, three simple, easy-to-follow steps. Even better the supplies are all easy to get and usually very cheap.

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