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Doctors carrying out a C-section

C-section operation in process

C-sections, which are also known as Caesarean sections, are surgical procedures that some mothers undergo in order to deliver their babies. In a C-section two incisions are made through your abdomen and uterus. The abdominal incision will either be horizontal across your lower abdomen, approximately where your bikini line begins, or vertical from your belly button to your pubic area, pretty much along your linea nigra. The uterine incision, on the other hand, is a low-transverse incision where your uterus is located. These incisions are usually made when the mother is under local anaesthesia.

C-sections are usually carried out when a vaginal delivery presents a threat to the health of the baby and/or his mother. This can be very hard for those mothers who were determined to deliver their baby vaginally, especially if they wanted a natural birth. If you find yourself in this situation don’t be upset, it does not mean you have failed and remember, all that is important is that your baby arrives safe and healthy.

Over the last few decades elective C-sections have become increasingly more popular and this trend does not seem to be changing.

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