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Colic: treatment options

As colic has no defined cause there are several treatment options you can try in order to lessen your baby’s colic symptoms. These treatment optionsinclude:

  • Burping your baby, giving him a stomach massage and other techniques which encourage your baby to release the gas stuck in his gastrointestinal tract
  • Feeding your baby probiotics in case the colic is caused by a bacterial infection
  • The cry-it-out approach: with this treatment option you leave your baby alone to cry through the colic on his own. However, this is a risky method many medical professionals do not encourage as it can cause SIDS and accidental suffocation.

    baby with colic crying

    You have several treatment options if your baby is suffering from colic.

  • The cry-in-arms approach: Like the cry-it-out approach this method involves letting your baby to continue his crying but instead of leaving him alone you hold him as he cries. This method is very good for bonding with your baby, but you will definitely need a rota if you’re going to use this method.
  • Comforting methods including: rocking, swaddling, giving your baby a pacifier, holding your baby on his side or stomach until he falls asleep and then lying him down on his back, making the shhh sound or playing a white  noise CD and/or a warm bath.
  • If you are a breastfeeding mum you can try adjusting your diet by either cutting out stimulant foods, such as coffee and chocolate or allergenic food and drinks, such as nuts and dairy. Also when feeding your baby, try to keep him in an upright position.

Remember, these are not cures for colic, but temporary treatments that can ease your baby’s discomfort.

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