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Baby with colic crying

Colic can be a very distressing condition for both you and your baby

Colic is a condition in which your baby cries for extended periods of time with no explicable reason. This crying tends to happen at at the same time each day, usually quite late in the afternoon after your baby has fed, especially if your baby has had trouble burping. This condition usually begins when your baby is less than a month old and continues until his third or fourth month of life, though in some cases it can last until your baby’s first birthday.

Approximately one out of every five babies will suffer from colic and all babies (regardless of if they are premature or full-term) have a 10-15% chance of developing the condition. It is important to remember there is very little you can do to avoid your baby developing colic as its cause has not yet been identified. So don’t feel guilty, it’s not your fault and it will pass eventually.

Colic is very stressful for parents and greatly increases the risk of postpartum depression, so it is important to design a plan of attack. Enlist friends and family to help so that your baby can receive the attention he requires, while you do not end up in over your head.

Diagnosing colic

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