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Dads’ Survival Guide: Trimester 1

Alright gentlemen, it’s the first trimester and we’re going to be honest with you, your partner’s hormones are already running wild and her pregnancy symptoms are probably already in full swing. On top of all of that there is a lot to organise and you don’t really have time to procrastinate. Don’t worry though, you can get through it. We know you can!

And to help you, we’ve listed everything you should do over the next three months in order to make it through trimester one unscathed and to prepare for the next two trimesters and beyond. If you just found out your expecting, it’s a good idea to start by reading about how to deal with all of your emotions, because they can be overwhelming.

Think of it as a check-list and go through it step-by-step, don’t try to do it all at once, you’ll get overwhelmed. Be warned there are some things you may have to do more than once. So here it goes…

last will and testament document

Dad, you have a lot of paperwork to do.

  • Get the paperwork done. Unfortunately, there is a lot to do as you prepare for your baby. Your paperwork will include: a financial plan, changes to your insurance plan and your taxes, reading up on you and your partner’s paternity and maternity leave (your rights and your company’s policies) and choosing a guardian for your baby in the event of those big Just In Case situations. This is something you must do with your partner, remember you’re a team.
  • Decide when and how to announce your pregnancy.Again do this with your partner, don’t go and tell your best mate before she has the chance to tell her mum.

    image of doctor

    Try to be at every doctor appointment

  • Go to every doctor’s appointment. Of course, this isn’t always practical with your job, but you should try to schedule your appointments so you can both be present. If not, at least be there for the big ones, like hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time or the first ultrasound. These appointments are key to being involved in the pregnancy and showing your partner you’re looking forward to the birth as well.
  • Talk about sex. Sex can be a weird topic during pregnancy. Should we, shouldn’t we? The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor to ensure it’s safe, in most pregnancies it will be, but there are some high-risk pregnancies which sex can negatively affect. Talk to your partner as well, especially if you feel weird about there being a third person in the room with you, she may just too.
  • Read. Get all the information about trimester 1, including how your baby is growing and how your partner’s body is changing. Also begin reading up on trimesters 2 and 3 to prepare yourself.

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