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Dad’s survival guide: trimester 2 continued

  • Spoil her. Firstly, put your first trimester massage skills to work, her back and feet will be aching more than ever. Secondly, take her out. It was a good idea in trimester 1 and it’s still a good idea. Dinner, the cinema, a day trip or even a weekend away are great ideas. Read our information of flying while pregnantif you plan to fly somewhere. Finally, tell her she’s beautiful any chance you get, she’s feeling insecure and that will make the world of difference to her.

    men playing rugby

    A game of rugby with your mates is a good idea

  • Exercise. It’s a great idea to exercise with your mates and with your partner. Exercising with the boys is a great way to keep fit and get a well deserved break, but limit it to 2-3 hourly sessions a week or daily 30 minute sessions, because your partner needs you. Exercising with your partner helps her keep healthy and gives you two the opportunity to bond. Check out exercise ideas here.
  • Do the housework. We recommended this for trimester 1, it is now time to up your game. Even if she seems ungrateful now, she appreciates it and you’ll be thanked once your baby has arrived.
  • Do NOT complement other women’s bodies. As innocent as it may be, she will take it as an insult. You have been warned.
  • Keep the pantry well-stocked. Make sure there is an endless supply of her pregnancy cravings and favourite foods and none of her food aversions, even if it’s your favourite snack. NEVER finish anything without restocking it, leaving one pringle in the Pringles can is not acceptable. And no she does not have to replace a thing.
  • Leave her notes.Not love notes like in trimester 1, but gentle reminders. She’s going to have pregnancy brain, AKA she is going to be very forgetful. Don’t be overbearing though, stick to reminders about the important things.

    man kissing wife's baby bump

    Bond with your baby and your partner

  • Talk to her belly. This is great for bonding with your baby and showing your partner you’re fully involved. Remember though, some days she won’t want to be touched, so ask first.
  • Talk about sex. We said this in trimester 1 and we’ll say it again in our third trimester guide too. The worst thing you can do is let it be the elephant in the room no one talks about, because you’ll both be miserable. Talk about your concerns, options and some new tactics that will satisfy you both.

Find out how your baby is growing and your partner’s body is changing this trimester.

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