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Dad’s survival guide: trimester 3 continued

  • Talk to your baby.It’s never too early to start bonding with your baby and you can go one step further and either read or play your favourite music for him or her. Remember, be wary of those days your partner does not want her bump touched.


    The bathroom is a key room to keep clean.

  • Keep cleaning. Since trimester 1 we’ve told you to gradually do more and more around the house, this doesn’t change in the third trimester, especially since she can do even less than before. Quick hint: The kitchen and bathroom should be your priority, not only because it’s hygienic, but also because they are the 2 rooms she sees the most of during her pregnancy.
  • Show her you love her. This trimester your partner will need you more than before and she will really appreciate a bit of your attention, she’s tired of everyone else’s. Take her out or cook for her, tell her she’s beautiful and how much you love her and just give her a big hug or cuddle every once in awhile. The little things do make a difference.

    couple taking a walk

    A romantic walk is a great way to show her you love her
    Taken by Mateusz

  • Write to do lists. For you and her (she’s got pregnancy brain more than before). The fridge is always a good place to post your to do lists since you both spend a fair bit of your time visiting it. However, because of her lovely pregnancy hormones you’ll have to be very careful how you suggest this to her. She’s annoyed with all of her pregnancy symptoms and sometimes pretending they don’t exist is her best method of coping with them. A good idea it to post yours first and see if she decides to follow suit. If not, ask her if there is anything she wants you to put on the list for her to remember, which will hopefully not elicit an aggressive response.
  • Again, talk about sex. Everything we said in trimesters 1 and 2 about sex still applies. Talking is the best way to deal with your changing sexlives.

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