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Dealing with fatigue

The fatigue you experience as a result of your pregnancy is just one of the many frustrating pregnancy symptoms will experience over the next 40 weeks. However, all hope is not lost as there are plenty of ways you can get relief from fatigue.

pregnancy symptoms

Caffeine will only give you temporary relief, get your energy from better sources.

  • Take a break. If you feel tired, rest, because if not you will only overwork your body making fatigue worse and putting the health of you and your baby at risk. Procrastinate those house chores and take a step back from some of your pre-pregnancy commitments, people will understand.
  • Accept help. Your partner, friends, family and even your other children will be more than happy to help. If something is too much to handle ask for help and whenever anyone offers to help you in anyway say yes.
  • Sleep more. During your pregnancy you want to try and get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, so go to bed earlier and sleep later when you can. This can be hard if you already have little ones running around, but it really is worth the shot.
  • Maintain your healthy pregnancy diet. Avoid caffeine and sugar, reach for iron and protein rich foods, keep hydrated and eat several small meals throughout the day. A healthy pregnancy dietwill help you avoid or at least lessen countless pregnancy symptoms.

    fatigue relief

    Going for a walk will relieve your pregnancy fatigue.

  • Exercise. We know this seems contradictory, but exercise releases endorphins and also helps you to sleep better at night. Plus the fresh air you get from an outdoor activity will really wake you up. Morning walk anyone?
  • Splash with cool water. Washing your face with cool water can really wake you up during the day and if you don’t want to ruin your make-up dabbing some cool water on your wrists and/or the back of your neck will do a world of good too.

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