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DIY Christmas tea lights

Wineglass Tea Lights

Great for a holiday dinner table.


  • A set of clear wine glasses
  • Tea lights
  • Silver jewelery craft wire or tea light supports
  • Fake snow or tiny white beads
  • Small coloured Christmas baubles
  • Any other small glass or plastic shapes you wish to include


1. Fill each wine glass a quarter full with fake snow or tiny, white beads.

2. Place the Christmas baubles and any other tiny ornaments you wish on top of the snow.

3. With a pair of pliers mold the craft wire into a decorative support for each tealight, using the image on the right as a guide. In some areas you may be able to buy these tea light supports ready made in your local craft store.

4. Place the tealight into the support and carefully hang it over the top of each wine glass. Then carefully light each candle for a beautiful Christmas ornament.

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