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Endorphins will probably be your favourite hormones, especially when the time for labour and birth arrives. Endorphins are so well liked that they have been named your body’s happy hormones. When your body is under stress, your pituitary gland and hypothalamus secrete endorphins in order to help you relax.

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Endorphins help you bond with your newborn
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Endorphins are considered to be natural opiates and for this reason they have a very important role in both labour and childbirth. As your pregnancy progresses your endorphin levels will increase to help you deal with the growing discomfort caused by some of your pregnancy symptoms. Endorphins have also been found to play an important role in bonding with your baby immediately after birth. Low endorphin levels can make labour more strenuous and can also contribute to postpartum depression.

What do endorphins do to your body during pregnancy?

Endorphins can be linked to some of your more pleasant pregnancy symptoms including:

  • Good moods, unfortunately these also rapidly become bad moods thanks to some of your other pregnancy hormones
  • The Nesting Effect, endorphins help you get that rush near the end of pregnancy to get everything ready for your bundle of joy.

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