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First year development timeline: month 12

At the end of your baby’s twelfth month, she is going to be a whole year old! Can you believe it? Time sure can fly and your baby has grown and changed so much. We know it’s been an incredible year for you and we just want to say congrats mum and dad, you did it! However, we are sure you still want to know what can you expect this month, so here it goes…

Sensory development: Your baby’s five senses are in full swing, but hearing seems to be the sense that elicits the most response at this stage. For this reason, your baby is going to favour noisy games.

Mobility:Your baby is getting more active and you’ve probably had to baby proof the house a bit more. Has she taken her first steps yet? If she hasn’t, don’t worry. Remember, every baby develops at their own pace so don’t rush your baby, she’ll get there in her own time.

bbay reading a book

Have you caught your little angel reading yet?

Cognitive development: Your baby is getting smarter. This month she’ll probably pick up a book, start flipping through it and looking at each picture. Your baby is not only engaging her brain, but also learning to be a little bit more independent. However, your baby’s attention span is still only 2-5 minutes long, so don’t worry if she still seems to get easily distracted.

Communication skills: Your baby’s communication skills have improved with leaps and bounds over the last year and you can actually perfectly understand each other, even though she speaks a different language right now. Remember, to repeat the full word in response to your baby’s sounds. Also ask your baby to do things as she should now understand you a bit better. For example, ask her to pass you a teddy, book or other toy. Use your hands to help get your point across.

Dietary developments: Your baby’s diet is a lot more diverse now, but you should still be either breastfeeding or giving her baby formula as they are the two best sources for all of your baby’s nutrition.

Your baby probably still has a bit of separation anxiety, but as long as you continue to leave her alone with others for certain periods of time she will steadily outgrow this anxiety. Unfortunately, it is also time to wean your baby off of her pacifier. If you don’t do it soon it will be very hard later on. We warn you, it will be difficult so you need to be strong!

Month 12 Tip: Introduce your baby to manners this month. If she asks for something, repeat her request with a “please” and she will learn that when asking for things, you must say please. Even though your baby won’t people to use her manners anytime soon, this exposure to them will make them easier to learn when she’s older.

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