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First year development timeline: month 5

It’s the fifth month of your baby’s life and he is getting stronger every day. We bet you can’t believe how much your baby has changed since his birth, but there’s still more to come. What exactly can you expect this month?

Sensory development:This month your baby will be able to differentiate between colours quite well. Encourage this sensory development with colourful toys and picture books.

baby sitting with a watermelon

Your baby may be able to sit up, but he shouldn’t be eating a whole watermelon quite yet.

Motor skills: Your baby is still a grabbing machine, so make sure everywhere is baby-proof.

Mobility: This month some babies will be able to sit up unaided, but he won’t be able to get into that position on his own. That’s where you come in mum and dad! In the next few months he’ll get there on his own, just let him take his time.

Cognitive development: You may notice your baby is easily distracted this month, even when feeding. Don’t worry about it, as this is due to the development of his brain which makes him alert to and interested in everything around him.

Communication skills:You’re probably going to hear your baby say “ma ma” and “da da” this month. We hate to break it you, but those are just sounds your baby is experimenting with and don’t actually mean mum and dad. However, they do mean your baby is getting closer to being able to say them. Encourage this language development by talking to your baby a lot and making connections between the sounds and words that include them. For example, “ba” and saying “ball” or “bottle”.

baby fast asleep

Isn’t he a little angel?

Sleep patterns: Your baby’s sleep and wake cycles are still gradually getting longer. Are you lucky enough to sleep through the whole night yet?

Dietary developments: This month you can experiment with some solid foods, such as dry cereals. However, don’t rush this step, because breastmilk and formula have all of the nutrients your baby needs. If you do move on to some solid foods you may notice that your baby’s stool is less runny, but it isn’t likely that there will be much more of a change than that.

This month your baby will begin to entertain himself. Don’t worry he still needs you mum and dad! In fact, you’re going to love the extra free time.

Month 5 Tip: Play hide-and-seek with your baby. It’s a great way to get him laughing a lot!

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