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First year development timeline: month 6

It’s the sixth month of your baby’s life, which means that first year marker is getting closer. However, there is still a lot that will happen before you get there. So, what exactly can you expect this month?

Sensory development:Your baby’s vision and focus are improving. You’ll see that your baby follows objects very attentively with her eyes and it will be a lot more difficult for you to play hide-and-seek with her toys.

bbay wrapped in towel and holding brush

Your little angel is turning into quite the trouble tree, but everything she does is too cute!

Motor skills: Your baby’s motor skills will have improved a lot by this month. You won’t have to hand things to her, she’s going to be able to pick them up all on her own. However, small objects are still a bit difficult to pick up as your baby is still mastering the powers of her finger joints and muscles.

Mobility: By the end of this month your baby should be able to sit up on her own, however some babies take a little bit longer to reach this stage. Remember to keep an eye out, because this is a new skill and your baby could easily fall back down to a lying position. Make sure, she’s on a soft surface and can’t fall from a height.

Cognitive development:Your little angel is getting smarter and probably cheekier. Your baby will notice that specific actions have certian reactions. For example, if she drops something you’re going to pick it up. She’s going to see this as an opportunity to play a game and will start to drop and throw things, just to watch you pick them up. We’re pretty sure laughter will accompany her games. Have fun!

shocked baby face

That’s the name you chose for me?!

Communication skills: This month your baby will begin to recognise her name, you’ll notice a reaction from her when you say it. Also you’re going to hear your baby make a wider variety of sounds. Just keep encouraging this language development through conversation. This month your baby will also start to become wary of strangers, so if there is anyone you need to leave her with for an extended period of time, such as a caregiver of baby-sitter, make sure your baby has been introduced to them beforehand. Your baby probably won’t mind meeting new people, but she’s going to want you to be with her.

Dietary developments: Your baby’s diet shouldn’t be changing this month, unless you are only now starting with solid foods. Remember, there is no rush for that. However, you may notice your baby can hold her own bottle now. Let her, but never leave her unattended with it.

Guess what? This month is when babies usually begin giving their first hugs and kisses! Have you got yours yet?

Month 6 Tip: Your baby is becoming very attached to you now, she knows no one else loves her the way you do. This means she is going to start reaching for you and crying if you leave the room. Don’t caudle her no matter how much you want to. Your baby needs to learn that you sometimes leave (even if it is to the next room), but you always come back. It’s all part of her emotional development.

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