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First year development timeline: month 7

baby holding toy keys and sucking soother

Dude, where’s my car?

It’s the seventh month of your baby’s life and a lot is still changing. What can you expect this month?

Sensory development: Your baby’s senses are key to how he perceives the world and how he learns to do new things. Try your best to do activities with your baby that include using all five of his senses.

Motor skills: Your baby’s motor skills are getting more refined and you will probably notice that he is passing his toys from one hand to the next, rather than simply picking them up and dropping them.

Mobility: Your baby will becoming a lot more active this month. Not only are his rolling and sitting skills in full swing, but he is also trying to crawl this month and may even master it! In fact, you can now even introduce your baby to standing. Hold him under his arms and stand him up so that he can learn how to place his feet. Some babies may even try to take a step, but don’t expect them to walk on their own. So don’t let go yet! Remember, your baby may be taking his time, so as long you’re seeing some progress each month don’t worry.

Cognitive development:Play games with your baby. Games which include sounds are great way to engage your baby and aid his cognitive development. Read books to your baby as well, even if he seems distracted this activity is making a big difference.

Baby wearing a bib and waiting for her first meal

This is exciting and new

Communication skills: Your baby’s social skills are improving and he loves meeting new people, but he will not enjoy your absence. This month is also a good time to introduce your baby to baby sign language. For example, waving as a greeting and clapping as a sign of appreciation. In a few months you’ll see your baby has begun communicating using his hands.

Dietary developments: This month you can be a bit more experimental with your baby’s food. Solid foods can now include not only dry cereals, but also strained fruits and vegetables and some fruit juices. Your baby’s changing diet means his stool will probably be a different colour and have a different odour. Continue feeding your baby with breastmilk and formula to ensure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs.

Guess what? This month you can expand your baby’s wardrobe as he is now fully stretched out and can rock some great fashions. Be careful with some fabrics and tiny accessories as they can cause allergies and be choking hazards.

Month 7 Tip: Your baby will probably have several teeth by now and he’s going to want to experiment with them. You need to be careful. Not only will your baby try to eat more foods, but he will also try to bite other things, including you!

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