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First year development timeline: month 9

It’s the ninth month of your baby’s life, can you believe it? We know you’re probably exhausted right now, but you’re doing a great job!  So what can you expect this month?

eye glasses on a book

Your baby’s vision should now be 20/20 or very close to it

Sensory development: Your baby’s vision has been slowly improving over the last few months and should now be 20/20 or close to it. Improved vision means your baby is going to want to explore a lot. He is going to have added incentive to move as he wants to touch the things he can now see clearly.

Motor skills: Your baby can now make use of each of his fingers and you’ll see he can now point and use his thumb and index finger to pick up tiny objects. You need to watch out, if you drop an earring or anything small, find it and pick it up ASAP!

Mobility:Your baby has probably now mastered the art of crawling or near enough. Some babies may even be able to lift themselves into a standing position already, but be careful, because they’re not strong enough to hold themselves up for very long. A few falls will probably occur this month so keep an eye on your baby. Some babies, though very few, may take their first steps soon, so look out for this milestone!

A yellow and red toy phone

Your baby will probably enjoy playing with a toy telephone

Cognitive development: Your baby is going to be playing with everything this month and a toy phone will probably be hours of entertainment for him. Exploring all of his toys is an important part of his learning process.

Communication skills: Your baby has learnt what “no” means, because he can tell from the tone of your voice that he should not being doing something. Some babies don’t like the sound of your voice when you say “no” and may cry. We know it’s hard, but don’t cave in if your baby cries or disciplining him later on will be very difficult. However, you must remember your baby’s memory isn’t all that great right now, so what you tell him today he won’t remember tomorrow. Be patient and just remind him with another “no” if he does it again.

Dietary developments: Your baby is probably experimenting with lots of new foods, but remember to avoid sugary foods and to continue breastfeeding or using formula so he gets all of the nutrients he needs.

Month 9 Tip: Your baby may develop a fear of something that didn’t bother him before, like the sound of the doorbell or the dog when he barks. We don’t know why, but we recommend comforting him and trying to show him there is nothing to be scared of. It may take time, but your baby will eventually grow out of his fears.

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