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Flaming foliage candleholders

DIY Thanksgiving decorations

Taken from our Thanksgiving Ideas Pinterest board.


  • Small clear vases or used and cleaned baby food jars
  • A set of tealights (to fill as many candleholders as you plan to make)
  • Fall leaves (collect your favorite ones right from your yard or local park)
  • White craft glue
  • Water
  • A paintbrush


1. Make sure the clear vases/jars you are going to use are fully cleaned out and dry.

2. Combine the white craft glue with water in a dish. Gradually add the water to the glue until you have a very light mixture that is still sticky.

3. Using your paintbrush, “glue paint” your fall leaves onto the vases/jars so that they stick down smoothly. Use the image above as a guide.

4. Set aside to dry for approximately 24 hours and then insert a tealight into each one for a beautiful Thanksgiving candleholder.

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