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Food cravings

chocolate covered strawberries

Hmm chocolate covered strawberries!

Food cravings are a part of approximately 50% of all pregnancies and though some can be wild and crazy, such as the classic ice-cream and pickles, the less common olives on cheesecake or the extreme pica cravings, others are completely normally like chocolate or chips.

The cause of pregnancy cravings is pretty much up in the air. Some are partially explained by your fluctuating pregnancy hormones, others are believed to be caused by nutrient deficiencies, some are psychological (you crave things, because you think you should) and some are just completely unexplained.

Pregnancy cravings can change throughout your pregnancy. According to a study on pregnancy cravings, most women tend to crave sweeter foods, such as having chocolate during pregnancy, during the first trimester while cravings for saltier foods increase gradually with each week of pregnancy. Cravings for sour foods were also found to be greatest during the second and third trimesters. However, the study revealed that overall, sweeter foods are craved more than salty foods for the duration of pregnancy.

How do I control my pregnancy cravings?

Can I eat chocolate while pregnant?

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