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Games with a Halloween twist

Playing traditional games with a Halloween twist is a great and easy idea, mostly because everyone already knows the rules! So here are some ideas to put a spooktacular twist on some of your favourite games.

Eyeball balancing

“Halloween-ify” the traditional egg on a spoon race!

Eyeball balancing. Like egg on the spoon races but you balance eye balls on the spoon instead. You can either pain eyes on white eggs or balls or use store-bought eyeballs.

Pin the bowtie on mr bones

Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones. As seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board.

Pin the bow tie on Mr. Bones. It’s like pin the tail on the donkey and it’s easy to make. You just need a big sheet of construction paper and some paints to create your very own Mr. Bones (everything should be available at your local craft store). As for the bow tie, you can either buy one in a costume store or use one of dad’s old ones. Sticking the bow tie on can be as simple as using a bit of glu-tac on the back of the bow tie. Pin the hat on the witch or the fangs on dracula are other options as well.

Monster sack race

Give the old sack race a Halloween twist with a monster!

Monster escape. This game puts a scary twist on the traditional sack race. This isn’t just a race to the finish line, but as far as possible away from the scary monster who jumps out to start the race (get one of your friends or family members to dress up). This game can be a bit scary for some kids, so be careful.

Halloween twister

Make traditional twister a Halloween game that is fun for adults and kids.

Halloween twister. Do you have an old twister mat that you would be happy to paint? Or perhaps you have a nice back lawn you can paint temporarily? If you do, you can paint each circle as a Halloween object. For example, instead of left hand on green, it could be left hand on Frankenstein. This game is great for adults too and as the pregnant one at the party you get to be the evil wheel master.

More Halloween Games

All of the above images are taken from our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board


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