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Halloween scavenger hunt

Halloween scavenger hunt

A Halloween Scavenger Hunt clue as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board

A Halloween scavenger hunt is a fantastic Halloween game for both kids and adults and it is pregnancy-friendly too. Setting up a scavenger hunt isn’t hard either, so if you are pregnant or have a pregnant friend and want to make sure she can enjoy Halloween this year too then this is the perfect idea!

How to prepare a Halloween Scavenger Hunt:

1. Send out invites that require your guests to RSVP so that you can organise everyone into teams before the day of the event. You can either divide everyone one into two big groups or several groups of 3 or 4, it’s entirely up to you! Don’t forget to put on the invitation that each person in fancy dress automatically wins a point for their team, this will ensure that people show up dressed up.

2. Decide on the clues and tasks you want each team to do. You also need to decide if it will be a neighborhood scavenger hunt or a town scavenger hunt so you can let people know whether they need to bring a car or not. When it comes to a children’s scavenger hunt your back garden is the ideal location unless you can organise for a parent to guide each group of kids on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.

3. Once your plan is in place you need to decide what the scavenger hunt prize will be. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, something as small as a bag of Halloween treats will do the trick.

4. When the day arrives it’s time to set up the hunt leaving clues in each place you want your contestants to go. Remember to print off a copy for each group.

5. When everyone arrives tell them which team they’re in and the rule sof the game, then send them off with the first clue. Everything should work smoothly from then on, but just in case make sure everyone can contact you in case they get lost.

It’s that simple! And once everyone is back you can spend the evening laughing about the many comedic events that are sure to transgress during the hunt.

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