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Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing. The list below contains photo galleries and ideas to help make your Halloween perfect, just click on what interests you and start exploring now!

Halloween Costumes Galleries

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Games

Halloween Recipes

Halloween Pumpkin Designs

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Baby Shower

Halloween Make-Up Ideas

Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

Halloween Nail Art

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Halloween make-up tutorials

Halloween make-up is tricky business, but fortunately there are a lot of people out there who want to help us out using YouTube. After surfing YouTube we found some amazing, easy to follow make-up tutorials we think everyone can manage. We hope you enjoy them! #1 Sexy Vampire This is a great tutorial with very […]

Halloween Make-up

Halloween make-up ideas

Halloween make-up can be tricky business and the very first trick is figuring out what you want to look like. Below you can see some great ideas and you can view even more on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board. Just click on the image to zoom in.  

Halloween Nails

Halloween nails

Halloween is a time for fun and there’s absolutely no reason why your nails shouldn’t get in on the fun. We browsed Pinterest and have selected our top 15 Halloween Nail Designs. You can view even more on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest Board.


Top 3 YouTube pumpkin carving videos

YouTube can be a great source of instruction videos how to carve pumpkins for Halloween is no exception. However, there are so many videos that it can be overwhelming. On top of that sifting through the videos that are good and those that aren’t so good can be a bit of a pain. So we […]

Halloween baby shower

Halloween baby shower ideas

A themed baby shower is a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of your baby and if it’s October, there’s no better idea than a Halloween themed baby shower!  We’ve compiled a few ideas of how you can either put a Halloween twist on your baby shower or a baby shower twist on Halloween, […]


Halloween recipes

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to shake the dust off those baking pans, which have spent the summer in the cupboard while you snacked on fruit, ice-cream and other cold treats. On top of that Halloween food is the perfect way to satisfy every sweet and salty tooth out there. If you’re still pregnant we’re […]


Halloween costume photo galleries

Everyone knows the most important part of Halloween is picking the perfect Halloween costume. This year it’s probably quite a different task, because you’re either pregnant, have a new baby or you’re an expectant father. All of this doesn’t mean you have to skip dressing up for Halloween this year, in fact it means quite […]


Halloween games

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year and that is partly because it involves so many fun games. And we all know that Halloween games are as much fun for adults as they are for kids. Below you can find an array of ideas for Halloween games that we are sure […]


Halloween decoration ideas

Decorating for Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween. After all who doesn’t have a good bit of fun turning their home into a spooky haunted house for a few weeks. However, we know that sometimes Halloween decorations can be quite expensive and that can take the fun out of such […]


Have you lost your Halloween spirit?

  Halloween is just over two weeks away and we’re starting to get that tingly excited feeling that we always do at this time of year. Crazy costumes, yummy treats, spooky decorations, scary stories and thrilling games. It’s all just too much to handle and we can’t contain our excitement! Unfortunately, some pregnant women and […]


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