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How do you choose the right footwear for your children?

Edgard Knoll advices

04In a child’s first year, walking is an important milestone. This is why choosing the correct footwear for your child is extremely important not only to help them maintain their natural growth but to ensure your child has comfortable and sensible shoes.

For this reason alone, it is best to speak to specialists in this field to ensure your child is fitted with comfortable and practical footwear. This is also particularly important so that your child can walk with ease.
Since1969 the Knoll family who are from Italy have specialised in footwear and successfully opened the first children ́s shoe shop in Europe called Knoll Junior.

Advice on first footwear for children

12Mr Edgard Knoll now the owner who is based in Bolzano recommends that children don’t need to wear shoes up until 6 months. After 6 months it is advisable to buy shoes in order for the child to get use to wearing them on a regular basis.

They only need to wear them for approximately 1-2 hours a day so they mould into the shoe and become use to wearing them. It is advised to buy shoes that are soft, lightweight and made of leather so that the child has plenty of support, comfort and slight room for growth (Not too much) , as children tend to grow extremely fast during early childhood.

The type of shoe you buy is important as from 7 months – 1 year children ́s bones are constantly growing and for this reason these factors must be considered when choosing a style or shape for your children ́s shoes.
These are a few tips to consider when you are choosing the right shoes for your child.

  • They should have a good grip and fit correctly as this will then eliminate the option of falling, tripping or walking incorrectly which could then result in abnormal foot positions.
  • It is important for the insoles and the lining of the shoes to be made of soft leather; again this is to reinforce comfort and flexibility for the child so that their feet can grow without strain.
  • Growing spurts can happen so regularly check your child ́s feet so they are fitted with the correct size; even though good, leather shoes are expensive it is an important factor in helping your child walk correctly.
  • Practical and comfortable shoes are an important investment in your child ́s healthcare.
  • Buying synthetic shoes can cause damage to your child ́s feet as they cause the feet to overheat and sweat and then cause problems as a result.

Places you can buy shoes from (with free delivery for Europe and Switzerland)

High quality shoes ‘Made in Italy’ can be found in the following website:
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Knoll Junior – Waltherplatz 29 – 39100 Bozen (Italy) Telefon: 0039-0 471 974 700

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