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Is Thanksgiving ruined?

Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cider and pumpkin pie are just some of the amazing Thanksgiving foods we spend all year dreaming about and it’s almost that time of year again, but you’re pregnant. Does that mean Turkey Day is ruined?

When you’re pregnant you have to be extra careful about what you eat, which means your pregnancy diet is a priority. When the holidays arrive a lot of pregnant women get worried that they won’t be able to enjoy all of the delicious food and drinks they’re use to indulging in at this time of year. However, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy some delicious turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving, you’ve just got to be a little more careful about how you prepare it as your immune system is not as strong as it was pre-pregnancy.
Preparation.Make sure all surfaces, appliances and kitchenware are wiped down and cleaned before and after each use. Wash your hands every step of the way and apply that rule to anyone who is helping out in the kitchen. Pre-wash all fruit and vegetables, especially if they are being served as raw appetisers.

Thanksgiving dinner

Once it’s cooked properly turkey is safe to eat!

Turkey and Stuffing. Go ahead and indulge in that turkey, it’s a great source of essential protein and vitamins for your pregnancy! However, make sure you defrost your turkey fully in the refrigerator and cook it until it has an internal temperature of at least 180F. Your stuffing should be baked in a separate dish not inside of the turkey.

Smoked meats/fish and pâtes. It is best to avoid these at Thanksgiving and holiday events unless you have prepared them yourself using canned meats and fish instead of fresh produce.

Festive Juices and Ciders. Make sure they are all pasteurized, fortunately most store-bought ones are.

Egg or dairy-based foods and drinks.Whether it’s an appetiser, eggnog or your favourite creamy dressing, you should avoid these holiday foods. They often get left out and unless pasteurized egg products are used as egg replacements, they are all pretty risky foods.

Thanksgiving dinner

Green beans are healthy and delicious.

Green Beans and Squash. These two vegetables are great Thanksgiving side dishes. They contain numerous important pregnancy vitamins and nutrients and they can be used to make many fun and festive recipes for your Thanksgiving table.

Mashed Potatoes.Whether they’re Idaho potatoes or sweet potatoes, these are another great Thanksgiving side dish. However, try to limit the amount of butter and gravy you use, instead add some milk and garlic for texture and flavour respectively.

Thanksgiving dinner

Pumpkin pie: treat your sweet tooth.

Pumpkin Pie. Yes, you can eat pumpkin pie! Pumpkin is a nutritious vegetable so go right ahead and enjoy a nice slice of pie, but don’t over-indulge and if you can, skip the cream on top.

Raw cookie dough or cake batter. We all love licking the spoon, but this year you’ll have to pass that spoon on to someone else as the raw ingredients are too risky for a pregnant woman and her baby. On the plus side, you can still eat the finished product!

Leftovers. This year you should avoid that midnight Turkey sandwich, because the longer food is left out the more bacteria it is exposed to. Our bodies are usually strong enough to combat this minimal bacteria, but this year your body is a little preoccupied with growing a baby and so your immune system has taken a bit of a back seat.

There you have it, a complete guide to all of the Thanksgiving foods you can eat and those you should avoid. As you can now see, you can still have a delicious and enjoyable Thanksgiving this year, though be warned heartburn is a risk, but we think Thanksgiving might just be worth it!

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