Is there an optimal sex position for conception?

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This is probably the most frequently asked question by couples who want to conceive and unfortunately, there is absolutely NO scientific evidence to give us a solid answer. How frustrating? Lucky for us, there are some theories and we at thought we’d share them with you.

The first theory claims that any position which leads to gravity working in your favour is always a good idea. This includes all of those positions that allow for deep penetration, which means when the sperm are ejaculated they are already much closer to the cervix and have a far lesser chance of leaking out of your body after sex. Prime positions which are in line with this theory include:

  1. The missionary position with the man on top. What’s even better is you don’t only have to do the classic style, but can add some twists to it, the key is to ensure your hips are raised and he is on top. Kamasutra experts also believe that smooth circular motions with your hips work better than thrusts for conception using the missionary position.
  2. Rear-entry (A.K.A. doggy style). This is very good for women with a tipped cervix and you can mix it up too by having your man hold one of your legs up. In fact, this twist allows for even better penetration.
  3. Lying side by side (A.K.A. the spooning position). This position allows for deep penetration without putting strain on either partner. Many sex therapists recommend it for people who suffer with back pain or are overweight.

The second theory argues against the gravity theory and says the key to conception is that the woman enjoys the sex she is having. This means any position that satisfies you should help you to conceive, regardless of it gets gravity on your side. This is probably where the old wives’ tale comes from that claims you need to have an orgasm in order to conceive. However, there is also some, though inconclusive, scientific evidence that suggests the uterine contractions we experience when having an organism help to move the sperm up towards the cervix. We’re sure many of you like this theory, after all who doesn’t love an orgasm?

A final theory suggests that relaxed, stress-free sex is important, because if either partner is not comfortable their body will not cooperate. Your body will reject his sperm and his sperm will not enter very close to your cervix. This theory does not offer any one position as a prime one, but our bets are the spooning position will only encourage relaxation.

After considering each theory we at think mixing all of them together is not only the best answer to your question, but also very possible. For this reason, we recommend any position that:

  1. Puts gravity in your favour,
  2. you enjoy,
  3. and that is experienced in a stress-free state of mind.

Agree? Or do you think only one of these theories is actually right on track?

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