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Managing your clumsiness

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid clumsiness during your pregnancy, but you can manage it by being more careful. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid the falls and constant dropping of objects that accompany your pregnancy clumsiness.

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Your pregnancy clumsiness means you have to be extra careful.

  • Walk slowly. Especially if you are on wet, icy or uneven surfaces, which if you can, you should try to avoid.
  • Wear smart shoes. This means socks without shoes and shoes with slippery soles are a big no-no. You should also avoid heels if you can, though we know asking a woman to give up her heels is a lot.
  • Beware of rugs. They can slip and slide so don’t walk on them if you can, if not proceed with caution.
  • Don’t climb. We’re talking about standing on chairs, stools and ladders to reach high objects. Ask someone for help.
  • Use handrails. If there are handrails use them, because they will significantly lower your risk of falling while climbing or walking down stairs.
  • Turn on a light. Don’t walk around in the dark and it may be a good idea to buy some nightlights for those midnight bathroom breaks.
  • Pick it up. Don’t leave things lying around on the floor, because they are a slip waiting to happen. You probably need to show this to your partner and other children, because let’s be honest most of the stuff on the floor does belong to them.
  • Put it down. Another part of pregnancy clumsiness is your increased likelihood of dropping things. For this reason it’s best you don’t pick up things of value, this includes small children. Ask for help and if you’re in a situation where you have no other choice, be extra careful.

Remember: if you do fall, no matter how insignificant the fall may seem, you must contact your doctor immediately to rule out any possible complications.

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