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Milk carton ghouls


DIY Halloween decorations

Milk carton ghouls as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board

What you need:

  • Milk cartons (collect your own and ask your friends and family if you need more)
  • Black permanent marker or paint
  • Small lights or glow sticks (must be non-flammable)


1. Rinse out and dry all of your milk cartons.

2. Using a black permanent marker or paint give your milk carton a ghoulish face.

3. Insert a small light or glow stick to light your ghost up.

4. Line your garden path or any place you want with your ghosts for a haunted walkway.

This DIY Halloween decoration is a piece of cake, but you should start collecting your milk cartons early. All other supplies should be available at your local craft store or convenience shop.

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