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burning incense

Burning moxa for moxibustion.
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Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese acupuncture technique sometimes used to move a baby from the breech position to the vertex position. It involves the use of the mugwort herb, also known as moxa, which is burned to release its effects on your body.

Moxibustion stimulates blood flow in your pelvic area and uterus which encourages your baby to move. This method has not yet been fully studied, but it has been successful in several women’s pregnancies. Though most doctors will probably not recommend this procedure, if you are interested in possibly doing it, we suggest that you talk to your physician beforehand.

Also ladies, we thought we should let you know that mugwort herb has a very strong odour when burnt which may very well irritate your gag reflex. As you probably already know your gag reflex is very strong right now, being just one of the lovely symptoms associated with your pregnancy.

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