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Mum’s hospital bag

Not sure what you should pack in your hospital bag? It’s not an easy task, but it has got to be done whether you are planning to give birth in a hospital or at home. Remember you have to prepare for everything when you are pregnant.

When it comes to your hospital bag, there are some essentials and some extras you may just like to have. However, it is quite possible that one expectant mum’s extra may be another mum’s essential. For this reason, we’re giving you a list of every possible item you could need for your hospital bag so you can decide what is essential for you.

  • Paperwork (this includes your birth plan and insurance forms if necessary).
  • Comfortable slippers (make sure they are old and can slip on and off easily, but have good soles for walking).
  • Socks (hospitals can be cold you know!).
  • An old nightdress or big shirt for during labour and birth.
  • A hot water bottle (for back pain and comfort).

    Preparing your hospital bag is key in preparing for birth

    You will soon meet your baby in perosn, so make sure you’re prepared and pack your hospital bag!

  • Birthing ball.
  • Massage oils and lotions (some mums find a massage really helps with labour pains).
  • Lip balm
  • Snacks and drinks (especially light, electrolyte fueled ones).
  • A distraction (this includes a book, magazine, movie, TV series and so on, really anything that will help you pass the time between contractions).
  • Something to pull your hair back (whether it’s a headband or hair tie, you’re going to need it).
  • A change of clothes along with all the necessary toiletries you will need to freshen up.
  • Nursing bras and a breast pump if you will be bottle feeding.
  • Breast pads and maternity pads (we recommend having a few waiting for you in the freezer too for your return home).
  • Big, loose, comfortable underwear for after birth.
  • Eye mask and/or ear plugs if you anticipate having trouble sleeping in a brightly lit, noisy hospital.
  • Your glasses if you normally wear them.
  • Your favourite pillow for comfort.

You probably won’t consider all of the above necessary for your hospital bag, but this list is for you to decide what your essentials are. However, it can still seem impossible to get it all in one bag, especially when you consider everything you have to pack for your partner and your baby. So check out our article on how to pack lightly to make it all a little bit easier.

Remember, have your hospital bag packed by week 36 of your pregnancy, many babies just can’t wait to arrive, so be prepared!

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