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Pie throwing

Pie throwing Halloween game

Pie throwing as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board

Pie throwing is a great Halloween game idea. Everyone enjoys it, even those getting pies thrown at them, and it is incredibly easy to set up.

The first challenge of pie throwing is to get some brave volunteers who don’t mind having several pies pelted at them. Once you have them getting the pie throwers will be a piece of cake!

Some people like to go all out and use real pies, such as cherry, blueberry or pumpkin pie. However, there is a cheaper and easier option as well. You can buy several disposable foil pie pans and fill them with whipped cream instead. This alternative is also a lot easier on your brave volunteers.

You can keep pie throwing simple and have your volunteers standing or sitting in a line as they await their Halloween fate or you can get creative and paint a plank of wood with different Halloween images. This makes it a little more interesting and adds some more Halloween energy to the game.

We suggest having a few towels ready for your volunteers so they can take a shower afterwards, because no one likes to walk around with pie in their hair! Also, don’t forget to tell your volunteers to bring a change of clothes.

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