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PPH risk factors

There are several risk factors for PPH, but these risk factors tend to be few and far between. Below is a list of the possible risk factorsjust so you can get an idea.

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Most women won’t experience a PPH
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  • antepartum haemorrhage
  • placenta previa
  • multiple pregnancy
  • pre-eclampsia
  • nulliparity
  • a previous PPH
  • maternal obesity
  • Asian ethnic origin
  • C-sections (planned and emergency, though emergency C-sections carry a higher risk)
  • mediolateral episiotomies
  • an operative vaginal delivery
  • a heavy baby (heavier than 4 kg./8.8 lbs.
  • maternal pyrexia
  • if you are a carrier of or suffer from haemophilia
  • if you suffer from von Willerband’s disease

It can be a bit overwhelming to see how many risk factors there are for PPH, but remember the above list occurs in minimal numbers of pregnancies and just because you have any of these risk factors, it doesn’t mean you’ll definitely suffer from a PPH. In reality, every woman who gives birth is at risk for a PPH, but only 5% will suffer from one and of those 5%, most women will be treated easily.

What causes PPH?

How are PPHs treated?

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