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Pregnancy cravings explained

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What do my pregnancy cravings mean?

Some medical professionals believe that pregnancy cravings are caused by nutrient deficiencies in a pregnant woman’s diet. However, there are others who dismiss this as an old wives tale, because there is no hard, scientific evidence to support the theory. As neither opinion has been 100% proven or disproven we thought we would still let you know what nutrient deficiencies some healthcare professionals belief certain pregnancy cravings indicate. A popular one happens to be having chocolate during pregnancy. You can then decide whether supplementing those nutrients in your diet reduces your pregnancy cravings or not. We can’t promise it will work, but hey it’s a worth a shot, right?

So here it goes…

  • Chocolate cravings —> Magnesium deficiency
  • Red meat cravings —> Protein deficiency
  • Milk and dairy cravings —> Calcium deficiency
  • Citrus fruit cravings —> Vitamin C deficiency
  • Pica cravings —> Iron deficiency (most healthcare professionals agree about this)

Do you know anymore that we could add to this list?

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