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Pumpkin bowling

Pumpkin bowling is a great Halloween game for everyone and it can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. There are two different ways you could play this game.

#1 No Pin Bowling

No Pin Halloween bowling

No Pin Halloween Bowling as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest Board

In this version of pumpkin bowling instead of trying to knock over pins as you would in traditional bowling, your aim is to get as many points as possible by throwing orange balls or fruits into the mouths of each pumpkin. The “mouths” get smaller as you go up so you get more points if you get a ball through a smaller hole. For example, three points for the top pumpkin, two points for the middle pumpkin and one point for the bottom pumpkin. The scoring system is completely up to you.

For this version of pumpkin bowling all you need is a big cardboard box and either construction paper or paint to create the pumpkin design seen on the left. You will also need scissors and glue or paint brushes, depending on how you choose to create the game.

#2 Old School Bowling

Pumpkin Bowling

Old School Pumpkin Bowling as seen on our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board

This version of pumpkin bowling is probably best for adults as it involves rolling a very big pumpkin at a stack of full paper towel rolls. The paper towel rolls will be the pins in the game and can be designed as ghosts if you wish to give the game an extra Halloween touch. The “bowling ball” is the pumpkin which you simply have to give three finger holes like a bowling ball has.

You can play this version on pumpkin bowling by either setting up the pins as you would in a traditional game of bowling or you can stack them in a pyramid, it’s up to you. You can then score the game based on how many pins each contestant manages to knock over with the pumpkin. Remember, it’s bowling so the pumpkin bowling ball should NOT be picked up and thrown. Also if you’re still pregnant we highly recommend taking on the roll of score keeper as bending over or picking up the pumpkin isn’t a good idea.

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