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Signs and symptoms of labour

Everyone wants to know “how can I tell if I’m in labour?”, so we’re going to do our best to help you out. You are in labour if:

1. You are experiencing strong, regular contractions that are continuously getting closer together, longer and stronger, unlike Braxton Hicks which are sporadic.

2. You experience the “show”. This show is a ‘mucusy’, usually blood tinged, vaginal discharge caused by the loosening of the mucus plug that blocks your cervix throughout your pregnancy.

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3. Your water breaks, caused by the rupturing of your amniotic sac.

4. You have a backache similar to that some women experience during their menstrual cycle.

5. You have nausea and/or vomit.

6. You have diarrhoea.

7. You have an urge to go the bathroom, which is because your baby is now pressing down on your bladder more than she has ever done throughout your pregnancy.

You probably won’t experience all of these symptoms, especially since it is common for women have to have their water broken by their physician or midwife. Monitoring your contractions is probably the best way to determine whether you’re in labour or not, but they can be easily confused with Braxton Hicks, so check out our article on how to tell if you’re in real labour or not.

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