AFP test - Pregnancy

AFP test

CVS: chorionic villus sampling

CVS or chorionic villus sampling is a diagnostic, prenatal test used to test for chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus between week 10 and week 14 of pregnancy. It is preferred to amniocentesis if you are less than 15 weeks pregnant, but need to check for abnormalities. In CVS, samples of the chorionic villi (the extensions […]

AFP test

An AFP or maternal serum AFP test is a blood test that is carried out between week 16 and week 18 of pregnancy to test for any potential challenges to your baby’s development. The AFP test can be combined with other hormone tests making it a triple screen, quad screen or penta screen. AFP or […]


An omphalocele is a congenital medical condition in which some of the baby’s abdominal organs remain outside of the its abdomen at birth. It is a scary condition, but it only occurs in about 2½ of every 10,000 births and it is treatable with surgery. More importantly, most babies go on to live perfectly normal […]

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