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C-sections: risks

  C-sections, like any medical procedure, are accompanied by certain risks. For this reason, if you plan to undergo an elective C-section it is important that you understand what risks you will be taking. In the event you have to undergo an emergency C-section, it is because a vaginal birth presents an even greater risk […]

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Treating PPH

PPH or postpartum haemorrhages are treated in stages depending on how major the PPH is and at what point the bleeding stops. Here is a step-by-step look at the treatment procedure of a PPH. 1. Injection or IV (intravenous) of either oxytocin or misoprostol, though oxytocin is the preferred medication, together with a massage of […]

Eating well during pregnancy

Eating well during pregnancy

If you are pregnant you  probably have no appetite due to all that morning sickness, or you’re eating like there is no tomorrow! Many people don’t actually know the real reasons why a healthy diet is key during pregnancy. If you didn’t have a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy then you need to start now. […]

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