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Halloween pumpkins

Halloween pumpkin gallery

It’s Halloween, which means it is pumpkin season. Most people pull out the carving knives and carve their pumpkins in some of the most spooktacular or hilarious ways possible, but pumpkin carving is only one way to decorate your pumpkin. Why not paint your pumpkin this year? It would be a whole lot easier and […]

No pin Halloween bowling

Pumpkin bowling

Pumpkin bowling is a great Halloween game for everyone and it can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. There are two different ways you could play this game. #1 No Pin Bowling In this version of pumpkin bowling instead of trying to knock over pins as you would in […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Paper plate skeleton

  What you need: A pack of paper plates (at least 20 is best) Black permanent marker or paint Thick string or clear fishing line Glu-tac  Scissors Single hole punch Method: 1. Using the picture on the right cut 16 paper plates into similar shapes to form each bone of your skeleton. Don’t be afraid […]

DIY Halloween Decorations

Bug invested bouquet

  What you need: Artifical flowers Plastic bugs and creepy critters (most theme stories carry these at affordable prices throughout October) An old vase Black paint and paint brushes Glue (a glue gun is best) Method: 1. Paint an old vase black or if you prefer you can choose a different colour and add embellishments. […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Milk carton ghouls

  What you need: Milk cartons (collect your own and ask your friends and family if you need more) Black permanent marker or paint Small lights or glow sticks (must be non-flammable) Method: 1. Rinse out and dry all of your milk cartons. 2. Using a black permanent marker or paint give your milk carton […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Paper bats

  What you need: A print-out of the bat diagram below Black craft paper Red paint or permanent marker Sticks (which you can find in your back garden or local park) Glass bottles and jars (if you wish) Glitter (if you wish) Scissors Glue (a glue gun or crazy glue is best) Method: 1. Print […]

DIY Halloween Decorations

Lollipop ghosts

What you need: Lollipops White cloth (this can be scraps you have lying around the house or store-bought) Ribbon (colour and style of your choice) Black permanent marker or paint Method: 1. Place a square of white cloth over your favourite lollipop. 2. Secure the cloth around the neck of your lollipop using some Halloween […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Toilet paper pumpkins

  What you need: A roll of toilet paper (or several depending on how many you want to make) Orange and green tissue paper Glue (white glue or a glue gun will do the trick) Black craft paper, permanent marker or paint Raffia String (you may not use this) Method: 1. Roll a square of […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Phantom jars

  What you need: Jars (these can be old food jars, including baby food jars!) Gauze Googly eyes Glue (white glue or a glue gun will work) Scissors Tea lights Method: 1. Clean out the jars and dry them fully. 2. Cut as much gauze as you think you will need to cover the outside […]

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