Newborn after a C-section

C-sections: reasons

There are several reasons why some mothers have no choice but to undergo a C-section in order to give birth. These can be pregnancy or labour related reasons. Either way, we at thought it would be a good idea to give you a list of all of the posssible pregnancy and labour related complications […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: treatment options

As colic has no defined cause there are several treatment options you can try in order to lessen your baby’s colic symptoms. These treatment optionsinclude: Burping your baby, giving him a stomach massage and other techniques which encourage your baby to release the gas stuck in his gastrointestinal tract Feeding your baby probiotics in case […]

baby with colic crying

Colic: possible causes

Though no cause has been identified for colic, several possible causes have been suggested. These possible causesfor colic include: gastrointestinal gas neurological overload (your baby’s new environment is too overstimulating) muscular trauma which occurred during birth intolerances to certain foods which your baby receives from your breast milk or her formula There has also been […]

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