Chloasma, also known as melasma, is an unavoidable pregnancy symptom that affects approximately 70% of all pregnant women. Chloasma is associated with hyperpigmentation, which is caused by your increased estrogen and progesterone levels, which in turn increase your body’s melanin production. Basically what happens is that the excess melanin in your body causes you to […]

chloasma protection


Hyperpigmentation, like many of your other pregnancy symptoms, is the result of your pregnancy hormones, namely your increased progesterone and estrogen levels. The extra progesterone and estrogen in your body causes your body to produce more melanin, the substance responsible for the darkening of your skin. Hyperpigmentation is most notable in the parts of your […]

pregnancy skin changes

Skin changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy your body undergoes a lot of changes and your skin is not immune to these changes. Skin changes are a common symptom of pregnancy and unfortunately some of them cannot be avoided. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost and there are some that you can keep at bay using a few […]

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