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Christmas tree baubles

Christmas decorations

Decorating your home at Christmas is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season. Christmas trees, stockings, mistletoe, garlands and of course lights. We at ThePregnancyNet are here to help you with some great ideas for decorating your home this Christmas and we’re even going to give you a few affordable, DIY ideas. […]

Thanksgiving DIY decorations

Thanksgiving pears

Materials: Small pears (real or decorative) Beads or seeds Cake stand (optional) Gluegun Directions: 1. Decide on a Thanksgiving message: Give Thanks, Be Thankful or the good old traditional Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you have enough pears to write that message (one pear/letter). 2. Using a gluegun, glue the beads and/or seeds onto each […]

DIY Thanksgiving decorations

Decorating for Thanksgiving is underrated, because not only does it give your home that extra warm Thanksgiving feeling, but it’s also a lot of fun. We hope these DIY Thanksgiving decorations will help you have an extra enjoyable Thanksgiving this year. Flaming Foliage Candleholders Thanksgiving Garland Thanksgiving Vases Thanksgiving Pears Thanksgiving Pumpkins Thanksgiving Coffee Table […]

Halloween decoration ideas

Halloween decoration ideas

Decorating for Halloween can be one of the most enjoyable parts of Halloween. After all who doesn’t have a good bit of fun turning their home into a spooky haunted house for a few weeks. However, we know that sometimes Halloween decorations can be quite expensive and that can take the fun out of such […]

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