Paperplate Snowman

DIY paper plate snowman

Materials: 3 paper plates Orange and black craft paper Pipe cleaners Soft craft balls Old piece of material for scarf Scissors Craft glue and glue gun Method: 1. Using the image on the right as a guide, stick each paper plate one on top of the other and use your glue gun to hold in […]

Coffee filter Christmas trees

DIY coffee filter Christmas trees

Materials: Foam cone At least 10 coffee filters Stick pins (small flat or round silver head) Pins with colourful round heads Buttons, beads, sequins and/or glitter Scissors Glue gun Round flat wooden base (available at craft stores) A tree topper of your choice (flower, star, mini angel…) Method: 1. Cut the centre out of each […]

Wineglass Tea Lights

DIY Christmas tea lights

Materials: A set of clear wine glasses Tea lights Silver jewelery craft wire or tea light supports Fake snow or tiny white beads Small coloured Christmas baubles Any other small glass or plastic shapes you wish to include Methods: 1. Fill each wine glass a quarter full with fake snow or tiny, white beads. 2. […]

Bottled Christmas Lights

DIY bottled Christmas lights

Materials: Empty wine and alcohol bottles Several short strings of Christmas lights Tinsel (optional) Surge protector Method: 1. Rinse and dry the empty bottles. 2. Check all of the lights you plan to use are working and then carefully place each string into a bottle, making sure the plug stays outside of the bottle. You […]

Christmas snowglobes

DIY Christmas snowglobes

Materials: Pinecones Clear vases Silver pots Snow in a can Method: 1. Go through your attic, basement and/or garage to find some unused silver pots and glass vases. Give them a good rinse and polish and set them aside. 2. Collect some pinecones from outside and spray them with some snow in a can and […]

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Christmas gifts

At Christmas time it can get a bit hectic, especially when it comes to finding that perfect Christmas gift for everyone. We also know that it can get a bit expensive, but there are many ways you can create the perfect Christmas present at an affordable price using some great DIY Christmas gift ideas. Below […]

Thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving table settings

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Thanksgiving is all about the food and for that reason it’s very important to have a beautiful table setting on which you can display your hardwork in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a complicated table setting either, sometimes a simple table setting can be […]

DIY Halloween decorations

Paper plate skeleton

  What you need: A pack of paper plates (at least 20 is best) Black permanent marker or paint Thick string or clear fishing line Glu-tac  Scissors Single hole punch Method: 1. Using the picture on the right cut 16 paper plates into similar shapes to form each bone of your skeleton. Don’t be afraid […]

DIY Halloween Decorations

Bug invested bouquet

  What you need: Artifical flowers Plastic bugs and creepy critters (most theme stories carry these at affordable prices throughout October) An old vase Black paint and paint brushes Glue (a glue gun is best) Method: 1. Paint an old vase black or if you prefer you can choose a different colour and add embellishments. […]

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