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Halloween lunch

Halloween meal ideas

When someone says Halloween, the first thing you think is chocolate and sweets. However, Halloween creativity in the kitchen doesn’t have to start and end with desserts and treats. Below you can see some of our favourite lunch and dinner recipe ideas, which have all been taken from our Halloween Excitement Pinterest board. Click on […]

Guess what

Guess what

Guess What is a fantastic and creepy Halloween game. It involves putting normal everyday things into containers and having each person put their hand in the container to try and see if they can guess what it is. Remember, no one should be able to see what’s inside, so make sure you use opaque containers […]

Sunday roast beef during pregnancy


Dinner can be a hard meal to face during pregnancy, because you may not feel very hungry when dinner time rolls around. However, you should still try to eat something, because you and your baby both need those nutrients to get you through the night. This doesn’t mean you have to eat a big meal, […]

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