maternity wear

Maternity Christmas T-shirts

Christmas novel tees

At Christmas time we get the chance to wear some fun and wacky t-shirts and it’s ok, because everyone is wearing a novel tee to celebrate the holidays. It’s no different for pregnant women, there are a wide range of maternity novel tops that will flatter your bump and definitely put a smile on everyone’s […]

casual christmas maternity

Casual winter maternity fashion

During winter some pregnant women may like to wear a fun novel t-shirt and other expectant mothers have to dress up for formal events. However, most pregnant women just want something nice and comfortable they can wear around the house, out to a nice lunch or to curl up by the fire on an evening. […]

Black Thanksgiving maternity dress

Thanksgiving maternity wear

Thanksgiving isn’t far off and you’re probably thinking what can I wear with my big old baby bump? Well not to worry we’ve got a few ideas for you. Below you can see our top 10 Thanksgiving Maternity Outfits, which can also be viewed on our Holiday Maternity Wear and Thanksgiving Baby Pinterest boards. Click […]

preventing varicose veins

Preventing varicose veins

Varicose veins are a pesky pregnancy symptom everyone wants to avoid and the good news is that there are several things you can do to prevent or at least limit the appearance of varicose veins during your pregnancy. What’s even better is that many of these tactics also reduce the likelihood of leg cramps! Exercise […]

Pregnant women should not cross their legs

Swollen ankles: reducing the swelling

Have you noticed that you have swollen ankles? If so, you don’t have anything to worry about, because swollen ankles are a perfectly normal and harmless, though uncomfortable, pregnancy symptom that most pregnant women experience in their third trimester of pregnancy. Regardless, we’re sure you want to do everything possible to reduce the swelling, so […]

woman in black dress

Dressing attractively to hide your bump

Many women fear that maternity wear can’t be attractive and they are going to spend their whole pregnancy looking like a blimp, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is very possible to dress attractively and hide your bump when you are pregnant. Here are a few tipsto get you on your way […]

sale bags

Maternity clothes on a budget

Shopping for a whole new maternity wardrobe can be an extra financial burden during your pregnancy so someone women actually dread it. Don’t worry though, we have tonnes of tips to help you find that perfect maternity wardrobe on a budget. 1. Search the sale racks. Even if you don’t need maternity clothes,  check out […]

woman putting on stockings

The basics of maternity wear: tights and stockings

Maternity tights and stockings are very important, though some women prefer not to wear them during the spring and summer when it’s warmer. However, there are many advantages to wearing maternity tights and stocking including: they make your legs look and feel good, which really all tights and stocking do, they prevent swelling, and they […]

woman with small shoes

The basics of maternity wear: shoes

Yes, you are actually going to have to buy new shoes for your pregnancy, because your feet are going to swell. You will probably go up a whole foot size, some women’s feet will swell even more than that. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great tips for finding the perfect maternity shoes. Firstly, ladies […]

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