month 4

Whooping cough needle and vaccine

Whooping cough vaccine: a necessity

A new £10 million programme which will ensure that 650,000 pregnant women are vaccinated against whooping cough has been launched in the U.K after 10 infants under 10 weeks old became victims of the bacterial infection and countless more were hospitalised. What is whooping cough? Whooping cough is a bacterial infection, which as the name […]

Baby with colic crying


Colic is a condition in which your baby cries for extended periods of time with no explicable reason. This crying tends to happen at at the same time each day, usually quite late in the afternoon after your baby has fed, especially if your baby has had trouble burping. This condition usually begins when your […]

baby breastfeeding

First year development timeline: month 4

It’s the fourth month of your baby’s lifeand she is developing and growing just as much as she was in the previous three months. So what exactly can you expect this month? Sensory development: Your baby’s senses are definitely improving. When you enter a room your baby is going to know it is you, she […]

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