pregnancy acne

Treating pregnancy acne

Pregnancy acne is an unpleasant pregnancy symptom, but there are certain steps you can take to treat and prevent pregnancy acne. Many are the same tips you heard while you were growing up, because as it turns out there’s no difference between pregnancy acne and teenage acne, do you feel younger? Wash your face gently […]

pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy acne

Pregnancy may be a big step into the real adult world, but it does sometimes manage to bring back teenage memories. You thought you were done with zits when you graduated didn’t you? Well, with pregnancy several expectant mothers have to face that challenge all over again and in some cases for the very first […]

pregnancy skin changes

Skin changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy your body undergoes a lot of changes and your skin is not immune to these changes. Skin changes are a common symptom of pregnancy and unfortunately some of them cannot be avoided. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost and there are some that you can keep at bay using a few […]

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