pregnancy brain

Pregnancy symptoms

Avoiding and managing pregnancy brain

Though it is a normal and harmless pregnancy symptom, we know that pregnancy brain is still quite frustrating for all of you expectant mothers. For this reason, we have compiled a few tips to help you avoid pregnancy brain and to manage its symptoms when it strikes. Avoiding Pregnancy Brain Sleep. At least 8-9 hours […]

pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy brain

It’s been called momnesia, placenta brain and even baby brain drain, but most of us know the bouts of forgetfulness we experience during pregnancy as pregnancy brain. Pregnancy brain usually strikes during your first and third trimesters of pregnancy and though it is normal and harmless, it’s quite a frustrating pregnancy symptom. During pregnancy you’re […]

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Dad’s survival guide: trimester 2 continued

Spoil her. Firstly, put your first trimester massage skills to work, her back and feet will be aching more than ever. Secondly, take her out. It was a good idea in trimester 1 and it’s still a good idea. Dinner, the cinema, a day trip or even a weekend away are great ideas. Read our […]

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Cortisol, also known as hydrocortisone, is a glucocorticoid or adrenal hormone which has an integral role in your pregnancy. Cortisol, like ACTH, is a stress hormone your body produces in reaction to none other than stress. Cortisol is always present in your body and steadily increases throughout your pregnancy as it is a process that […]

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